Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Indian King Hotel Update

After looking at what Carol had come up with, I started looking at the data from the STP survey we did in 2007. At the time of our survey April had mentioned that the Barbour map shows the "Coombs Smithy" in the area of the Jamieson field (the one just west of Chapel Point Rd and just north of the Burch House). In that area, we found a good amount of slag and indeterminate metal, which is a good indication of metal working.

We also know that Elijah Wells was the editor of the Port Tobacco Times and his lot is north of the Burch House according to our deed research. The Barbour map shows the site of the Maryland Independent in that area too. Guess what we found in that area? Printer's type!
The database shows that we found 6 pieces in that section of the Jamieson field. Now this was just a quick look at the database that I did this morning but all indications show that we should find a blacksmith shop and the newspaper buildings in the areas labeled below.

Another look at the areas will help us narrow down the locations of these two buildings. Perhaps a closer interval shovel test survey should do the trick. With all the work we already have planned for Port Tobacco this spring and summer, it might be awhile before we get to this but its worth looking into in the future.

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