Thursday, January 29, 2009

Quick Update from Ohio

While the boys are off on their multitude of adventures, I will slip in here and update everyone on the March Campaign. Thanks to the generosity of Shelia Smith, Heidelberg University (same college, new name), and the Sleep Inn of La Plata, I will be arriving in Maryland with a van load of students on March 7. These students are giving up half of their Spring Break to do archaeological work at Port Tobacco and the entire team (minus Dio whose university scheduled their Spring Break for the wrong week) will be out there in support.

Mark your calendars. March 8, 9, 10, & 12 will officially begin the archaeological field season at Port Tobacco.

If you have volunteered with us before or have just thought about volunteering, plan to come out one or all of those days and work alongside us as we begin our Preserve America research into the role of Port Tobacco residents in the conspiracy to assassinate Abraham Lincoln.

Mark your calendars. March 10th evening program at Port Tobacco.

We at Heidelberg are preparing an exhibit of Lincoln memorabilia that will be installed in the Port Tobacco courthouse museum. Our exhibit opening will coincide with the monthly meeting of the Charles County Archaeological Society. Celebrate the Lincoln Bicentennial with us at 7:30pm on March 10th.

That's it for now.
Don't tell the boys I was here.


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