Wednesday, January 14, 2009

News Bits

This is our 500th blog (hurray, and there was much rejoicing). I use the opportunity to mention a few bits of news:
  1. Bruce Thompson of the Maryland Historical Trust spoke to the Charles County Archaeological Society last night about the Grieb site. Great stuff...we're all looking forward to seeing that site explored further and comparing the findings to some of the Port Tobacco sites.
  2. Pete and I are starting to wade through the Port Tobacco Times newspaper and we'll soon be looking at orphan's court records as well. The volume of historical data is close to overwhelming but we are managing to keep it organized in a couple of databases. This material will be critical in deciding questions to ask and where to conduct test excavations to answer those questions.
  3. The project's traveling exhibit will move from the Charles County Administrative Building in La Plata to the College of Southern Maryland Library sometime next week.
  4. week, I hope...we will begin planning the search for Union encampments as part of the larger Lincoln conspiracy study. Stay tuned...we'll need volunteers.
  5. The Archeological Society of Maryland's Spring Symposium, in recognition of the 375th anniversary of the founding of Maryland, will be held at Historic St. Mary's City on April 4th. Plan to attend.
There's more, but I'll wait until tomorrow. Keep your calendar handy.


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