Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tyler Bastian Annual Field Session in Archeology

This morning I attended the quarterly meeting of the board of trustees of the Archeological Society of Maryland. The Society has elected to hold the 2009 field session--11 days of fun in the sun-- at Port Tobacco in May. The team has a great deal of planning to do and their are many details to address. We will keep our readers abreast of all significant developments. Now is the time to think about participating.

Plan also on attending the MHT Workshop on March 7 and the ASM Spring Symposium, probably on April 4. We will also hold one or two CAT workshops (to which all are invited, but seating is limited and preference goes to CAT candidates and then ASM members) in advance of the field session.

There was no posting yesterday...I was on the road all day.


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