Saturday, November 22, 2008

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Scott and I, chatting over some shovel test pits today, were discussing Joseph Cocking and the murder of his wife Fannie and sister-in-law Daisy. During our conversation, Scott reminded me that he was never tried. In my last blogs about Cocking I undoubtedly gave the impression that he was guilty of the crimes. We will never know who was guilty, mob rule having denied Cocking of his right to defend himself and the community of its right to see justice properly served.

On Monday, Pete or I will write another blog about Cocking that will provide some material provided by one of our readers.

On another matter, in which firmly established, I will speak at the annual Christmas luncheon meeting of the Maryland Genealogical Society ( on December 6 in Catonsville. The subject, of course, will be Port Tobacco and, more specifically, about the townspeople and what they left behind.

Scott and I are back in the field tomorrow in southern Anne Arundel County. We'll see what other retractions I'll need to make when I get back.


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