Thursday, November 6, 2008

Alternate Spring Break

Here at Heidelberg College we have a two week long Spring Break in early March. We're located in northwest Ohio, quite a bit north of Port Tobacco so it seems only natural for me to take this opportunity to travel south and get in some fieldwork too.

This evening I met with seven students who are interested in an alternative Spring Break, one that would entail accompanying me to Port Tobacco. These students are well trained, most having worked at Johnson's Island and at least one other archaeological site in the US or abroad. I am confident that we can get a lot accomplished in four or five days of fieldwork, if the weather allows.

So the planning begins. I am applying for some funds to help offset the costs to the students and Jim is still working on getting our Preserve America funds into place so the entire Port Tobacco Archaeological Project Team can be out there at once, including our dedicated volunteers like Carol and Elsie.

There are some other plans for events to take place during this week of fieldwork. Stay tuned for those details.


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