Monday, October 20, 2008

Jailhouse Foundation

I have finished the drawing of the jailhouse foundation that was uncovered this summer. While we have found the jailhouse that we were looking for, many questions still remain about the structure itself. We have no good detailed photographs to look at and no drawings either. Uncovering the rest of the foundation and area inside and out of the foundation could give us more information on what it looked like. This isn't a top priority for us but it is something that we will go back to. Now that we know where the jailhouse is located, it will be easy for us to get back to it at a later date. Here's the up to date drawing of the foundation:

The units at the top (north end) were uncovered after all the brush was cleared away on the edge of the woods. Units 27 and 28 were excavated after positive shovel test pits were dug uncovering the top of the foundation.

- Peter

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