Wednesday, October 1, 2008

African Diaspora Archaeology

To follow up on yesterday's blog, The September 2008 African Diaspora Archaeology Newsletter is now available online at:>

In this month's newsletter is a review by Dr. Gibb of Patricia M. Samford's book, "Subfloor Pits and the Archaeology of Slavery in Colonial Virginia".

While I have not read it yet (it's on my table at home waiting to be read), the review Jim gave it was very good and the book could come in very handy in future work at Port Tobacco.
Here are a few snipets from his review:

"Patricia Samford offers her readers a typological approach to the problem of intramural pits on African and African-American sites in the Virginia Tidewater region...Samford's results, based on simple quantitative analyses are compelling. Patterns in feature placement and geometry clearly distinguish hearth-fronting food storage pits from other types of pits...In the well-established tradition of anthropology, with its long association with evolutionary theory, Samford writes much about enslaved Africans coping with or adapting to the conditions of slavery and of a new environment. "

Elsie also came across some interesting tidbits on the slave trade in the Port Tobacco Times abstracts she has been going through. Once Elsie has compiled some of the articles, I will post them here.

- Peter

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