Thursday, August 7, 2008

Upcoming Fieldwork

There is an electrical storm racing in so I have just a moment. I spoke with Cathy Hardy of Charles County's Planning department. She told me that our Preserve America grant (a White House initiative) is in the works. This means we can expect to begin archival and field research very soon. The work will focus on George Atzerodt and the Lincoln conspiracy.

Pete is still charging forth on the cataloguing and our volunteers and interns are making rapid inroads on artifact labeling of the materials recovered in June. I'm dealing with some other initiatives that should prove highly beneficial to our Port Tobacco efforts. I'll go into greater detail when those efforts come to fruition. Kudos to Cathy, Donna Dudley (County tourism director), and Jay Lilly and his Society for the Restoration of Port Tobacco board of trustees. Great things are on the horizon.



April M. Beisaw said...

That is great news!

Dancing Willow said...

That's great that they are all supporting the effort!

pquantock said...

Yeah! Round holes, square holes, I love digging holes!