Monday, July 14, 2008

Analysis Continues...

Besides our two days a week at the Maryland Historical Trust, we have set up new workspace back at the home office to work with the artifacts from Port Tobacco. Intern Kevin and I have been working on cataloging the artifacts that have been washed so far from the field session. There is still much more to do but we are making great strides in getting all of the information into the catalog quickly so that analysis and report writing can be done soon. Now, when I say quickly, that is a relative term since cataloging is a time consuming process. Here's an example in simple terms of separating glass from one unit.

First, separate by color, then by thickness, then by form (vessel, window, etc), then the forms get separated by style and then they are counted and each category gets put into the catalog as a separate entry.

Here's a picture of Kevin separating pipe stems in the newly setup lab space.

More to come later this week with an update on some of the interesting artifacts found during the field session.

- Peter

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Scott said...

That's right. Keep those interns in the basement!