Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Negative Dialectics of Tobacco

Last week, I received a package in the mail containing a book entitled Confederate Spies at Large by John Stewart. Much to my surprise, inside the cover, there was a note to me and it was signed by the author. It seems Mr. Stewart and I have a common friend, Linda Reno, and she had him send me the book as a gift. I was also honored when the author called me at home and we discussed at length, his book and the PTAP. He told me he would see if he could find more information on Atzerodt, the mysterious Lincoln conspirator. What a pleasant surprise!

Some might remember one of my posts from last week that included an excerpt from the book Consider the Elephant by Aram Schefrin. Again, I was honored that this author posted a comment on my blog and has included a link to the PTAP on his web site.

Today, I decided to include some reference material for anyone interested in the Lincoln Assassination Conspiracy as well as other interesting printed material concerning Port Tobacco. There are hundred of writings about the Lincoln assassination, but I list a few of the ones I am familiar with. If you are one of the authors listed below and can give us some insight into Atzerodt or other happenings in Port Tobacco, let us know.

Lincoln Conspiracy Books

Blood on the Moon Edward Steers Jr.
Confederate Spies at Large John Stewart
Consider the Elephant Arem Schefrin
American Brutus Michael W. Kauffman
The Lincoln Murder Conspiracies William Hanchett
Confederate Covert Action in the American Civil War William A. Tidwell

Port Tobacco Books

The Price of Nationhood Jean Butenhoff Lee
History of the Society of Jesus in North America Thomas Hughes S.J.
John Hanson of Mulberry Grove J. Bruce Kremer
The History of Charles County, Maryland Margaret Brown Klapthar & Paul Dennis Brown
The Lost Towns Donald Schomette

Again, this is by no means a comprehensive list, but merely intended to give the reader a place to begin.

Now you may be asking yourself, “What does the Negative Dialectics of Tobacco have to do with this reading list?” Nothing really.

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Aram Schefrin said...

Thanks for your referencing my book again. There is a lot more in my book on Port Tobacco than you put up on your site - material on the Brawner House and what went on there, as well as events in Port Tobacco directly linked to Booth's escape. And a lot more on Atzerodt too. Take another look.