Friday, March 14, 2008

Major field effort at Port Tobacco

Newsflash! The Archeological Society of Maryland announced today that it will hold its Annual Field Session at the Clagett's Retreat site in Frederick County, May 23 through June 2. It will hold an unprecedented second session at Port Tobacco June 13 through 23.

This will be an enormous undertaking, but it will provide the opportunity to further explore the various prehistoric and historic sites that we identified as a result of last year's work, and to be an important part of Charles County's 350th anniversary celebration. We hope all of our readers will take the opportunity to join us during the field session and, we hope, during the two or three weeks leading up to the field session. Oh yeah, and try to visit the other guys at Clagett's Retreat. All of the pertinent information on that project will appear on the Society and the Maryland Historical Trust websites: and, respectively. Port Tobacco information will appear on those sites and, of course, right here.

We will provide more details as they become available. See you in an excavation unit real soon.


PS. I think we need a campaign flag, don't you?

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