Sunday, March 30, 2008

Late Night Report from Vancouver

The Society for American Archaeology conference is winding down.
It's 11pm in Vancouver and Jim and I fly back to our respective homes tomorrow.

Today, I presented a paper entitled "Memory and Identity within Late Prehistoric Cultures of the Susquehanna Valley". It summarized a portion of my dissertation research on the Engelbert Site in New York State. Here I identified an unusual mortuary ritual that can be interpreted as either a Susquehannock claim to Iroquois ancestry or to the land that the Iroquois one controlled.

Tomorrow Jim will present a paper on Late Archaic sites in the Chesapeake.

When I get home it is time to start preparing my (Archeological Society of Maryland) Spring Symposium talk about Port Tobacco. It will take place on April 12th in Annapolis.


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