Wednesday, February 13, 2008

First Meeting Foiled ##$%^&

Yes, the first meeting of the Charles County Archaeological Society was canceled last night due to inclement weather. I left my house in Annapolis at 5PM and returned at 8PM, never having gone more than five miles from home. Traffic was gridlocked because of numerous accidents and temporary closure of US 50. Bridges and overpasses iced over during mid-afternoon sleeting. Apparently road surfaces should be treated under those conditions to avoid death, injury, and damage. Who knew?

Anyway, we will schedule the next first meeting for the second Tuesday in March at which Scott Lawrence, having recovered from shoulder surgery by then, will offer an illustrated talk on the search for and restoration of cemeteries. The topic has a direct bearing on the research at Port Tobacco where we hope to locate and restore the community's cemeteries.


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