Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Updated Map

In early December we extended the grid north into the Chimney House and Stagg Hall properties. If you remember it was quite cold and wet those couple of days! While there we also did some testing around the area which we think is the location of George Atzerodt's carriage shop.

There is still more work to do in this part of town but I have updated the map of the area showing the shovel test pit's we excavated as well as Chimney House and Stagg Hall. As Jim has stated in a previous blog, we are expecting to get back out to this part of the town during the winter to continue our work. At that point we will continue to excavate around the two houses and map the back of the properties.

Our project is growing all the time and we look forward to getting back out in the field to continue our work. Even though winter is just upon us I can't wait for the warmth of the spring and summer so we can all get back out to Port Tobacco! Until then we will be focusing on the artifact analysis, grant writing and archival research.


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