Thursday, January 24, 2008

Port Tobacco Schoolhouse

In 1991, architectural historian J. Richard "Rick" Rivoire prepared a series of measured drawings of the ca. 1878 Port Tobacco schoolhouse, the white building on the right that one notes entering Port Tobacco from the north. Over the past few days, Pete and I have been digitizing those drawings so that we might use them for the project and share them with others. Here are some of the key views:

Port Tobacco Schoolhouse, redrafted from Mr. Rivoire's 1991 measured drawings.
Tomorrow we hope to search through the published State Board of Education records to see if we might recover some additional information about the school.
We are also putting together additional images for the presentation at Port Tobacco Courthouse this Sunday (1PM to 3PM). Pete pulled some photogenic artifacts from the collection earlier in the week and we will take their pictures tomorrow. Say 'potsherd' and smile.

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