Friday, January 18, 2008

Burch House Addition?

Scott e-mailed me today, asking about what appears to be an addition to the Burch House as seen on the far left of this photograph, in the background. (That's the Wade House in the right foreground.) I think he is right: it is a 1½ story addition, the brick floor and foundation of which we uncovered in November 2006.

Wade House (right foreground) and Burch House (far left background). The white building in the middle background may be the 'Colored Hall' noted on one of the versions of the Barbour map of 1942.

Archaeological plan of the Burch House showing remains of addition on left side.

Detail of 1942 Barbour map. Burch House, with its addition, and the hall are directly above the scale.

We do not know the purpose or purposes to which this addition was put, but I think a few well-placed excavation units could help us figure it out.



April M. Beisaw said...

Stagg Hall has an exposed brick pavement that runs all along the front of the house. I wonder if some of the Burch House pavement isn't a walkway between the two additions like at Stagg Hall.

Jim said...

It will cost to find out. Not alot, but it will cost. The Maryland Historical Trust, however, holds an easement on the property and any archaeological work there must be with their permission.