Friday, December 14, 2007

100 Blogs...and Counting!

Yesterday was our 100th day of blogging! In that time only 1 day has gone by without an entry, and a couple of days actually saw two entries. In honor of this milestone, I would like to take a moment to thank all of you who log in to read our blogs, especially those who take the time to comment here or send us email. I would also like to thank my co-bloggers, Jim, Peter, and Scott, for their dedication to the blog.

For those readers who haven't been with us from the beginning, I'd like to reprise one of our first blogs...
What You Can Do To Help
In response to comments on yesterday's posts, there are numerous ways to help support the Port Tobacco Archaeological Project.

1. Join the Archeological Society of Maryland (ASM)
We will be having special events for members including a three-day volunteer weekend in mid-October. This event will provide opportunities to assist us with fieldwork and labwork. There will also be presentations on our research each day during the lunch break.

2. Join the Society for the Restoration of Port Tobacco (SRPT)
This society is active in efforts to preserve and protect the land and buildings that constitute the town. Membership options are as low as $10 for an individual and $15 for a couple.

Society for the Restoration of Port Tobacco
PO Box 302
Port Tobacco, MD 20677-0302

3. Make a tax-deductible contribution
Both the ASM and SRPT accept tax-deductible donations. Make a note on your contribution that you would like the funds to be used on the Port Tobacco Archaeological Project. Every little bit helps keep the project alive.

4. Volunteer
We accept volunteer assistance with all aspects of the project and can provide training for most jobs. If you are in Maryland you can contact us about working in the field, the lab, or in the local archives. If you are outside of the state you can assist with archival research at your local library or on the internet. If you have marketing, publicity, or fundraising skills we would love to hear from you too.

For further information about how you can help, feel free to drop me a line at Put Port Tobacco in the subject line to make sure it gets to me.


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