Saturday, November 10, 2007

New Web Page for Antietam Battlefield

Well, I thought everybody on the team, including April, was taking the day off, but no sooner than I started posting this message then April's blog-of-the-day appeared. Still, I take this opportunity to announce a new web page: Antietam Battlefield, just posted today ( No, it isn't a work of least not yet...but it summarizes our findings at Antietam National Battlefield from late last year. For more on the Battlefield, visit the National Park Service website ( and the many other sites that offer transcriptions of eyewitness accounts, period and recent photographs, and
schedules of events.

Port Tobacco, as you have seen from previous postings on this blog, played a role in the American Civil War. Although not a main thrust of our current research, team members will periodically contribute pieces on the war that pertain directly to Port Tobacco. News from other projects will continue to be posted on other web pages.

Now read April's blog below.

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