Friday, October 5, 2007


The history of Charlestown is brief.

In 1669, three Naval Ports of Entry were located on the western shore of Maryland: St. Mary's City , Chaptico, and Port Tobacco. In 1674, Thomas Hussey donated an acre of land in Chandlerstown, upon which to build a courthouse, prison, and stocks. These were constructed by John Allen.

The location of this first courthouse is not the same as that of the reconstructed Port Tobacco couthouse. In 1727, The Maryland Assembly authorized the construction of a new courthouse "on a site more convenient to river transportation" (Kihl 1982:22). This Assembly also officially renamed Chandlerstown to Charlestown; a name fitting to the Charles County Seat.

In 1729, Charlestown consisted of 60 acres. The town quickly grew around the courthouse but the offical name of Charlestown did not stick. Probable reasons for this include both the town's success as a tobacco port and its location at the head of Port Tobacco Creek.


Source: Kim Kihl (1982) Port Tobacco: A Transformed Community. Maclay & Associates. Baltimore.

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