Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Artifact of the Day

Before I left for this most recent trip to Binghamton, Jim and I discussed the plan for fieldwork on Saturday, October 6th. I suggested that the team begin testing a new area of the site but at 50-foot instead of 25-foot intervals for now. Based on the maps of the late 1800s, this is an area of the town that appears to have had little historic development so we were not sure how productive it would be.

On Sunday I received an e-mail update from Jim. Not only did they identify two historic features but they also recovered a fair amount of prehistoric material in the form of Potomac Creek pottery and flaked stone.

Scott has been cleaning the artifacts from Saturday's fieldwork and sent out a picture of one he found particularly interesting. I've attached the pic to this post but left out the identification so our readers can decide for themselves what it may be.

I think we may have identified the second area we will explore during the volunteer weekend of Oct 19-21!


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